LUFA Library  120219
Here is a list of all modules:

o+Board Drivers

o+Common Utility Headers - LUFA/Drivers/Common/Common.h

o+Configuration Descriptor Parser

o+Miscellaneous Drivers

o+On-chip Peripheral Drivers

o+Simple Task Scheduler - LUFA/Scheduler/Scheduler.h

o+System Platform Drivers

o+USB Class Drivers

\+USB Core - LUFA/Drivers/USB/USB.h

 o+Device Management

 o+Endpoint Management

 o+HID Report Parser

 o+Host Management

 o+Pipe Management

 o+Standard USB Requests

 o+USB Descriptors

 o+USB Events

 o+USB Interface Management

 o+USB Mode Tokens

 \+USB On The Go (OTG) Management

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