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Getting Started

Getting started with LUFA is easy; read the content below to get on your way to your first LUFA powered application.

The LUFA Demo Applications

Out of the box, LUFA contains a large number of pre-made class demos for you to test, experiment with and ultimately build upon for your own projects. All the demos (where possible) come pre-configured to build and run correctly on the AT90USB1287 AVR microcontroller, mounted on the Atmel USBKEY board and running at an 8MHz master clock. This is due to two reasons; one, it is the hardware the author possesses, and two, it is the most popular Atmel USB demonstration board to date. To learn how to reconfigure, recompile and program the included LUFA applications using different settings, see the subsections below.

Class Driver and Low Level Demos

Most of the included demos in the /Demos/ folder come in both ClassDriver and LowLevel varieties. If you are new to LUFA, it is highly recommended that you look at the ClassDriver versions first, which use the pre-made USB Class Drivers (USB Class Drivers) to simplify the use of the standard USB classes in user applications. These demos give a basic but easy to use interface to the USB class used in the demo application, such as HID or CDC.

Those needing absolute control over the class implementation can look at the LowLevel demos, which implement the required USB class directly in the demo application using the lowest level LUFA APIs.