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The CPPCHECK build module

The CPPCHECK programming utility LUFA build system module, providing targets to statically analyze C and C++ source code for errors and performance/style issues.

To use this module in your application makefile, add the following code:

include $(LUFA_PATH)/Build/


This module requires the cppcheck utility to be available in your system's PATH variable. The cppcheck utility is distributed through the project's home page ( for Windows, and can be installed on *nix systems via the project's source code or through the package manager.


cppcheck Statically analyze the project source code for issues.
cppcheck-config Check the cppcheck configuration - scan source code and warn about missing header files and other issues.

Mandatory Parameters

SRC List of source files to statically analyze.

Optional Parameters

CPPCHECK_INCLUDES Path of extra directories to check when attemting to resolve C/C++ header file includes.
CPPCHECK_EXCLUDES Paths or path fragments to exclude when analyzing.
CPPCHECK_MSG_TEMPLATE Output message template to use when printing errors, warnings and information (see cppcheck documentation).
CPPCHECK_ENABLE Analysis rule categories to enable (see cppcheck documentation).
CPPCHECK_SUPPRESS Specific analysis rules to suppress (see cppcheck documentation).
CPPCHECK_FAIL_ON_WARNING Set to Y to fail the analysis job with an error exit code if warnings are found, N to continue without failing.
CPPCHECK_QUIET Set to Y to suppress all output except warnings and errors, N to show verbose output information.
CPPCHECK_FLAGS Extra flags to pass to cppcheck, after the automatically generated flags.

Module Provided Variables


Module Provided Macros