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The CORE build module

The core LUFA build system module, providing common build system help and information targets.

To use this module in your application makefile, add the following code:

include $(LUFA_PATH)/Build/


This module has no requirements outside a standard *nix shell like environment; the sh shell, GNU make and *nix CoreUtils (echo, printf, etc.).


help Display build system help and configuration information.
list_targets List all available build targets from the build system.
list_modules List all available build modules from the build system.
list_mandatory List all mandatory parameters required by the included modules.
list_optional List all optional parameters required by the included modules.
list_provided List all variables provided by the included modules.
list_macros List all macros provided by the included modules.

Mandatory Parameters


Optional Parameters


Module Provided Variables


Module Provided Macros