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Future Changes

Below is a list of future changes which are proposed for the LUFA library, but not yet started/complete. This gives an unordered list of future changes which may be available in future releases of the library. If you have an item to add to this list, please contact the library author via email, the LUFA mailing list, or post your suggestion as an enhancement request to the project bug tracker.

Targeted for Future Releases:

  • Code Features
    1. Add hub support when in Host mode for multiple devices
    2. Investigate virtual hubs when in device mode instead of composite devices
    3. Change makefiles to allow for absolute LUFA location to be used
    4. Re-add interrupt Pipe/Endpoint support
    5. Add makefile includes to reduce boilerplate in user makefiles
    6. Update stream APIs to use DMA transfers on supported architectures
    7. Pull out third party libraries into a separate folder and reference them as required
    8. Add a LUFA_YIELD macro for integration into a third-party RTOS
    9. Abstract out Mass Storage byte send/receive to prevent low level API use in projects
    10. Consider switch from endpoint numbers to full endpoint addresses to ease future architecture expansion
    11. Fix HID report parser usage support for array types
    12. Make HOST_DEVICE_SETTLE_DELAY_MS a global variable that can be changed
    13. Add MANDATORY_EVENT_FUNCTIONS compile time option
    14. Add watchdog support to the library and apps/bootloaders
    15. Re-run USBIF test suite on all classes to formally verify operation
  • Documentation/Support
    1. Add detailed overviews of how each demo works
    2. Add board overviews
    3. Write LUFA tutorials
  • Demos/Projects
    1. Device/Host USB bridge
    2. Finish incomplete demos and projects
    3. Add class driver support for Test and Measurement class
    4. Add class driver support for EEM class
    5. Add class driver support for ECM class
    6. Port all demos to multiple architectures
  • Ports
    1. Finish USB XMEGA port
    2. Add AVR32 UC3C, UC3D and UC3L support
    3. Atmel ARM7 series microcontrollers
    4. Other (commercial) C compilers
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